VisitThe best observation points

The best observation points

The Millau Viaduct is an endless source of emotions. It is part of a rich natural heritage; the landscapes that surround it offer magnificent panoramic views in all seasons!

These viewpoints were selected and placed to allow you to admire it from every angle... Whether you're a lover of photography, sunsets or architecture, come and visit these special places!

Vue aérienne de Millau et son viaduc


1. Cap de Costes-Brunas

An extensive view of the viaduct and its surroundings, and, for the more adventurous, a free-flight launch area. From Millau, take the D 992 towards Albi / Toulouse. On leaving the village of Creissels, take the 1st left towards Brunas: 5 km of narrow road (accessible to light vehicles only).


2. Luzençon viewpoint

At an altitude of 650 m, the viewpoint overlooks the Tarn Valley, the Grands Causses and the village of Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon. From Millau, follow signs to Albi / Toulouse until St-Georges de Luzençon. On leaving the village, follow signs to Luzençon and its viewpoint.


3. Heritage-listed village of Peyre

An unusual site, carved into the cliff. From Millau, take the D 41 towards Comprégnac. The village of Peyre is located 7 km west of Millau.


4. Millau Viaduct rest area

This viewpoint offers unusual views of the viaduct from above! From Millau, take the RD 991 towards Rodez / Lacs du Lévézou. At the Bergers roundabout, 7 km north-west of Millau, take the 4th exit towards Soulobres / Viaduct rest area, then take Boulevard du Viaduc to the Millau Viaduct outdoor car park (also accessible from the A75 motorway).


5. Lerouge Bridge

From one bridge to the next... This structure spans the Tarn at the site of the Pont Vieux (old bridge), which was carried away by a violent flood in 1758. It offers an exceptional view of the viaduct at sunset, either on foot or by car. Lerouge Bridge is located just minutes from the city centre.


6. Terrace of the Beffroi de Millau

Nicknamed the Tower of the Kings of Aragon, the belfry, a 17th-century octagonal tower, dominates the centre of the old city from its height of 42 m. Open from mid-June to mid-September. For more information visit Millau Tourist Office.


7. Panorama

An extensive view stretching from the Millau Viaduct to the Gorges de la Dourbie, the Causse Noir and the Tarn Valley. From the A75, take Exit 47 "La Cavalerie", then the RD 809 towards Millau for around 10 km. The panoramic viewpoint is on the right on the way down.