UnderstandKey figures

Numerous records for a major endeavour

The Millau Viaduct is known as "the structure that broke all the records": with its often dizzying figures, it is sometimes difficult to grasp in human terms.

Here are some comparisons to help understand this monumental work!

Length 2,460 m.

Two end spans of 204 m and six central spans of 342 m.
With a span of 342 m, the Eiffel Tower would fit sideways between two piers.

illustration le pont autoroutier à haubans le plus long du Monde

600 workers

At the peak of construction, nearly 600 workers were working on the site.

Illustration 600 compagnons

Deck width 32 m.

Equivalent to 17 people with their arms outstretched.

Illustration pente du Viaduc

Weight of the steel deck 36,000 t.

Or 5,100 African elephants.

Illustration poids du tablier équivalent à 4700 éléphants d'Afrique

Maximum height 343 m.

Making it 19 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower.

Illustration hauteur maximale comparée à la Tour Eiffel

Pylon height 87 m.

Equivalent to a 29-storey building.

Illustration hauteur pylônes équivalent à 29 étages d'immeuble

Amount of concrete 206,000 t.

Equivalent to around 5 times the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, fully loaded.

Illustration hauteur pylônes équivalent à 29 étages d'immeuble

3.025% incline

Number of piers7

Height of the tallest pier (P2) 245 m.

Spans of 204 m. and 342 m.

2 end spans of 204 m, 6 central spans of 342 m.

Number of stays 154

11 pairs per pylon arranged in a single coaxial line.

Tension of the stays 900 to 1,200 t.

Construction cost €400 M

Including the viaduct and the toll gate.

Concession length 78 years

3 years of construction and 75 years of operation.

Structure guaranteed for 120 years

Bend radius 20 km

Construction period 3 years