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Rules for the use of images of the viaduct

Compagnie Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau (CEVM) is the exclusive beneficiary of all property rights including all usage rights for the very image of the Millau Viaduct. These rights are managed by the CEVM on behalf of the architect, Lord Norman Foster. Not a single image (photograph, video footage, drawing or other representation) of the Millau Viaduct is "royalty free" (except landscape images where the Viaduct appears in the background and is thus not the main focus of the image). The use of images of the Viaduct is thus regulated, and any use for commercial purposes requires the prior express permission of the CEVM.

1. Use of images for private purposes
Private use is defined as the use of a photograph strictly within the private domain. This type of use is reserved for individuals for non-commercial, non-professional purposes. Use by schools is tolerated. This type of use is defined in opposition to professional or commercial use. Non exhaustive list of private purposes: interior decoration, illustration of a website and/or personal blog, desktop or lock screen wallpaper, school report or presentation. 

2. Using images free of charge
Photographs and/or video footage of the Millau Viaduct may be used free of charge, provided that the photographer or author of the images agrees, a copyright notice is included (see article "Compulsory information") and the limits set out below are respected: - Local authorities: on any media*, for the purposes of promoting the area (Millau Viaduct, Aveyron department, Midi-Pyrénées region, or more generally France) - Tour operators and travel agencies: to illustrate a brochure, catalogue or other media* whose purpose is to promote the Millau Viaduct, southern Aveyron or more generally the Aveyron department - Local economic stakeholders (e.g. campsites, tourism businesses, etc.) located in southern Aveyron: on any media*, for the purposes of locating their business geographically - Media: to illustrate articles or reports whose purpose is to inform the public, on any media* Any use for purposes other than these requires prior written permission from the CEVM. * Paper, slides, CD-ROM, computer network like the Internet, database, and all other digital, graphic and electronic media... 

3. Commercial use of images
The CEVM may allow the use of images for commercial purposes for any photograph, video footage or other representation of the Millau Viaduct, provided that the photographer or author of the images agrees and a copyright notice is included (see article "Compulsory information"). A quote for royalties – directly related to the intended use of the images – is then created by the CEVM: - Use of photographs appearing in advertising (for commercial purposes).

  • Use of video footage shot for advertising purposes and/or promotion of a brand and/or product and/or service.
  • Use of photographs for the purpose of illustrating media such as guides, books, CD-ROMs or any other media* intended for sale.

* Paper, slides, CD-ROM, computer network like the Internet, database, and all other digital, graphic and electronic media... 

4. Taking photographs and shooting video footage
Any photographer (amateur or professional) or film crew has the right to take photos or footage on site, provided that this occurs away from the viaduct, from points open to the general public and no intervention is required by the CEVM. However, any photographs or footage taken on the viaduct requires the prior express permission of the CEVM, including where these shots are taken from a vehicle crossing the viaduct, for safety reasons. In addition, any photographer has the right to sell their shots of the Millau Viaduct to photo libraries, on the express condition that they inform said photo library of the usage rules of viaduct images for commercial purposes (see article "Commercial use of images"). 

5. Souvenirs / postcards
The CEVM has given exclusive rights for the commercial use of images on souvenirs (including postcards) to the company Viaduct Exclusive Distribution, based in Millau (12100). No other entity is authorised to use images of the Millau Viaduct to illustrate souvenirs or postcards. 

6. Compulsory information
The words "© CEVM Eiffage / Foster+Partners / name of the photographer or author" must appear on the representations (photographs, video footage, drawings, etc.) on each reproduction. Failure to include this information, or including incorrect or incomplete wording is to run the risk of having to pay compensation. 

7. Liability / infringement
Under the French Intellectual Property Code, any use of any kind whatsoever that fails to respect the permission conditions set out in these provisions constitutes an act of infringement that may incur the liability of the infringer. The CEVM reserves the right to take legal action to put an end to such unauthorised use, and claim compensation in the form of damages and interest. Additionally, and with a view to protecting the integrity of the Millau Viaduct's image, any digital retouching requires the prior permission of the CEVM. Without it, the user runs the risk of prosecution for infringement and shall be held solely responsible as regards the photographers, authors and the CEVM.