NewsThere will be something for every taste … on the Millau Viaduct Rest Area

There will be something for every taste … on the Millau Viaduct Rest Area

Here is an interesting region : from wine to cheese, from meat to pastries, Aveyron is gourmet… You sure have already heard a famous Aveyronnais cooker say « C’est gourmand, c’est croquant ! »

To taste on traditional markets, in a restaurant or simply on the Millau Viaduct Rest Area during summer animations, come to discover the Aveyron specialties :

  • Saturday, 1st August, from 10.30 am to 3 pm, come to taste the « Farçous » from la Fabrique Aveyronnaise, delicious pancakes perfuming the Aveyronnais markets. Every Aveyron family has its own recipe, but one thing is clear : we put chard in it !
  • Saturday, 8 August and 22 September, aligot tasting with the Coopérative Fromagère Jeune Montagne de Laguiole
    Who doesn’t know aligot yet? A real potatoe mash, some local cheese, cheesing, cheesing…and some cream, to get the creamy texture !
  • Sunday, 9 August, local beaf tasting.
  • Sunday, 16 August, « Pérail des Cabasses » tasting. This little goat cheese made of full-cream milk is very soft and delicate. An outstanding sensation of softness and finesse !
    Did you know? The « Pérail » had trouble to move out the shadows of Roquefort, that comes from the same goats. When the Roquefort milkhouses close, the « Pérail » expends, shining only during a season.

For more information, please contact the Viaduc Expo : +335 65 61 61 54

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