NewsRenovation works of the roadways are over !

Renovation works of the roadways are over !

During september and october, you  may have seen traffic regulations on the structure. And for a very good reason : from August 30 to October 12, the surface layer got a makeover !  
In total, around 4600 tons of surface layer have been set up.
Plenty of phases have taken turns to achieve this result : planing, blasting and shot-peening, to rejuvenate the deck.
Then the surface layer has been set up at the rate of 180 meters per hour, thanks to the Eiffage Route teams.   
After 12 weeks of works, the viaduct is open again to traffic, in a normal way.
The brand-new surface layer can now receive the millions of vehicles that take, each year, this exceptional part of the A75 motorway.

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