NewsRenovation work of the Millau Viaduct roadways

Renovation work of the Millau Viaduct roadways

In 2022, the Millau Viaduct will celebrate its 18 years old. A majority that comes with maintenance works, to permit the structure to live in the best conditions. Since August 30, the surface layer is getting a makeover !

It’s a preventive alteration for these coated materials, whose lifetime was initially of 15 years.

The work consists in a partial renewal of the surface layer on the whole deck and in the two directions.

Once the planing is over, the coated material is set up : around 1400 tons of surface layer will take place between the Causse Rouge and the Causse du Larzac.

The circulation on the viaduct will be changed during the works. Every vehicle will drive in the North-South way between the 30/08 and the 20/09, and then in the South-North way until October 12.

The Millau Viaduct rest area will be accessible only in the direction of the vehicles on the highway. It stays accessible from Millau, and the “Boulevard du viaduc”.

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