NewsThe Millau Viaduct, voted number one by Aveyron lovers

The Millau Viaduct, voted number one by Aveyron lovers

Elsewhere is so close : that is the invitation extended by the Touristic Development Agency of Aveyron.

The idea is simple: why would you go to Iceland, China or United States, when the local heritage is full of wonders? A Millau Viaduct closer to us than the San Francisco Golden Gate, a waterfall in Salles-la-Source right at your doorstep, without taking any plane.

Following this logic, the Touristic Development Agency has just launched its communication campaign "Elsewhere is so close", and its photo contest!
Several dozens of diptychs, comparing Aveyron must-see tourist sites with the greatest places visited in the world, have been offered to the public... and it's the one with the Millau Viaduct which has been the most acclaimed, with no less than 738 votes!

An additional proof of the commitment of Aveyron inhabitants (and their neighbours) to this exceptional art structure, emblem of our region.

Discover here the three winning photos:

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