NewsThe Millau viaduct attracts teenagers attention

The Millau viaduct attracts teenagers attention

Theo, 13 years old, lives in Belgium. Every summer since 6 years now, he crosses France with his parents heading towards his holidays destination, a small town next to the Mediterranean Seaside. 1100 km journey with one unmissable stop: Enjoy an amazing breakfast in front of the Millau viaduct on the A75 motorway rest area.

So, when his teacher asked him to realize his graduate end of study work on an extraordinary construction create by the man, it’s very naturally he chose the Millau Viaduct topic. This highway structure, he knows it well. He studied documents resources , researched information on the official website and he visited the structure in real life !

To do his work, he realized 6 informative panels: 70 cm wide by 1 meter height. These supports are used to explain all the construction process. First he built a model of the Viaduct with recovered material, then he cut wood, customized it and asked his dad to help him with the final touches.

Theo presents twice his impressive work for the pleasure of his classmates and teachers. His presentation makes him on the top three winner’s podium with distinction.

On the start of his next school year, Theo will be in secondary education. Keep up the good work!

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