NewsIncrease toll charges: answers to your questions

Increase toll charges: answers to your questions

Toll charges for the Millau Viaduct increased on 1 February. For Category 1 vehicles, add €0.40 from mid-June to mid-September and €0.30 the rest of the year. View the 2016 prices

How will the amount of this increase be used?

The annual increase is €0.20, to cover the costs of motorway monitoring, safety response and maintenance requirements of the viaduct.

The additional €0.20 are associated with both the increase in government fees and the company's taking over the concession of the Viaduct's rest area.

Company Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau will be investing €1.5 million to improve and renovate the rest area – until now managed by the French government – with a view to improving your comfort.  Find out more

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