NewsEnvironmental education at the Millau Viaduct

Environmental education at the Millau Viaduct

From March 30th to April 12th, the Compagnie Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau joins forces with the animators of the Dôme Nature ...

On the Millau Viaduct rest area, children and adults will be invited in the heart of the dome, to take up together the challenges of this nice bubble of fresh air.
Geology, wildlife, patrimony ... all these topics are waiting for tiny seeds, young shoots ... and wise old people !
Will they be able to calculate the height of a tree, to resolve the police investigation of the forest, or recognize the song of birds ?

During the week, the Dôme Nature will be dedicated to schools and holiday centers. And during the week-end, it will be open for children and adults visiting the area and curious about environment.

Come along !

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