NewsThe anticorrosive works are back on the Millau Viaduct

The anticorrosive works are back on the Millau Viaduct

Since a few weeks, the structure is subject to a partial renovation of the rust-resistant. After works on the pylons feet, parts of the cable-stays and the deck, it’s up to the corniches to get a makeover !

Thanks to the “trains” made of modules and forwarded by wide loads, several work areas have been installed in the Béziers / Clermont-Ferrand way.

The teams will be working during a few weeks to dismantle the windbreak system, the covering sheets, the corniches and the safety barriers. These parts will be stripped then painted again, for a completely renewed rust-resistant.

During the period of the works, that may finish around mid-July, the viaduct stays open 24 hours a day in each traffic way, thanks to the established arrangements.

Be careful when you cross the structure and respect our teams, working to offer a brand-new viaduct !

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