The Explorers’ Path

The guided tour along the Explorers’ Path

Finding out more about this multi record-breaking viaduct is easy… Just follow the Eiffage guide - you’re in for a unique experience, getting right up beside the structure!

Seeing and finding out everything about the Millau Viaduct!

How was this giant erected? What is it made of? How deep are its foundations? How was the deck, «the road» in other words, moved across from pier to pier? All the answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself!

Along a private path some 400 metres long, the guide will help you to relive the construction and understand how this extraordinary structure operates!
A cross-section of the deck, a section of a temporary pier, a cable-stay anchor… come along and discover these components which have been preserved from the construction period.

For the deck to be put into place, everything had to be adapted both to the size of the piers and to the breadth of the valley; and so Eiffage engineers came up with a specially designed machine.
Come for a demonstration to observe how it works.

And for the highlight of the tour: visit the private belvedere situated just beneath the deck; for a uniquely close-up view of the viaduct!

Discover the guided tour in pictures!

Information & Bookings | Individual admission

Duration of the visit: 40 minutes

€6 | Adult
€4 | Child, student
€14 | Family

Tickets on sale at the Viaduct Exhibition area
Booking advised on: +33 565 61 61 54 or by mail

Free audioguides in 5 languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch).
6-12 year-olds receive a free « Explorer’s Handbook » before setting off on the tour.

Information & Bookings | Group admission

Duration of the visit: 50 minutes

€120 | 5-50 people
€200 | 51-100 people

Booking required on: +335 65 61 61 54 or by mail.

Guided tours in English and Spanish also available.

Offer for tourism professionals only

Whether you are a travel agency, a coach operator or a tourist office… Your clients undoubtedly dream of visiting the structure from the inside! Bring them inside the tallest pier in the world.
After visiting The Explorers’ Path, the guide will take the group to the bottom of the viaduct for an unprecedented and unforgettable experience. Come and see just how small you are next to this concrete giant!

Duration of the visit: about 2 hours
Coach transport between The Explorers’ Path and P2 (pier 2) must be provided by the professional company concerned.
€320 | 5-36 people

Booking required on: +335 65 61 61 54 or by mail.