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Sam is back

If you drink, don't drive !
Upon the return of summer, the Roadway Safety reminds the younger ones not to take over the driving after drinking.

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Lonely Planet recommends the Millau Viaduct

It's a new recognition for the Millau Viaduct, already listed among the 10 most beautiful bridges of France, by the Lonely Planet site.

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Try the « Driving mode » app of the French Roadway Safety

Picking up your mobile, answering a SMS … Every last one of these habits can seem harmless but forces us, when we are driving, to let the road out of our sight during 5 seconds at least.

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The Millau Viaduct rewarded by the Guide Vert Michelin

For its 2018 edition, the Guide Vert Michelin awarded the Millau Viaduct a three star rating … The crowning point for the multi record-breaking bridge !

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The 12 best sites in Aveyron

To develop the territory, 12 touristic sites associate themselves. From the Easter weekend, the visitor who buys a ticket in one of this sites profits from a reduction to visit another one.

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From 13th till 16th of March, the Massif Central Interdepartmental Direction of Roads makes works on the access to the Millau Viaduct Rest Area.

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Year 2017 on the Millau Viaduct

2017 ends with an annual traffic increasing by 0.9%. The threshold of five million vehicles was reached on 29th of December. That is the first time since its opening on 16th of December 2004.

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Five Japanese engineers in Millau

Last December, a Japanese delegation came to visit the Millau Viaduct. These five engineers have worked on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line project, which links the city of Kawasaki to Kisarazu by crossing the Tokyo Bay.

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The Viaduct is 13

Opened to traffic on the 16th of December 2004, the Millau Viaduct has been crossed by more than 61 million vehicles.

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A decoration for the Millau Viaduct engineer

As each year, the « Société d’Encouragement pour l’Industrie Nationale » will award the « Chaptal de l’Industrie ». These high decorations consecrate personalities, authors of great French economic or industrial achievement.

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A safety training

For the GRIMP (Grouping of Intervention in Dangerous Environment), issued from the fire brigades, the purpose is to train in situ, with a scenario based on a plausible situation which would require an unexpected intervention.

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Wounded goes down

Millau Viaduct at the rate of the European Heritage Days

Key event of the new cultural season, the European Heritage Days will take place on September 16th and 17th.

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Road Safety operation on the rest area !

According to statistics of the National Observatory of Road Safety, 3 537 people lost their lives on roads during the past 12 months, that means an increase of 1.1 %.

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The Millau Viaduct on France 5 television network

France 5 will broadcast on Wednesday 21st of June at 8:50 pm a 90 mn documentary entitled « A la conquête de l’autre rive ».

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The Millau Viaduct Rest Area opened during works!

Since January our teams is renovating the Millau Viaduct Rest Area. Works end the 30th of June but the Viaduct exhibition, the gift shop, the Tourism desk and a Gourmet Food bar welcome you 24/7.

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The Viaduct on prime time on RMC Découverte TV network

The TV channel RMC Découverte rebroadcast its movie entitled « Millau, le Viaduc de l’impossible » on Thursday 20th of April at 8:50 pm.


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Live an amazing experience !

On the Millau Viaduct Rest Area, discover a show and an interactive space. In April, the Viaduct rediscovers itself in a breathtaking museographic space.

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On the Millau Viaduct rest area, works are continuing…

With the recovery in concession of the Millau Viaduct rest area, the Company Eiffage invests to improve the quality of services and the equipments proposed to its customers for the end of June 2017.


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The Millau Viaduct, Heritage of the XXth century

On Tuesday 7th of February 2017, Pascal Mailhos, prefect of the region Occitania, attributed the label " Heritage of the XXth century " to the Millau Viaduct.

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The Millau Viaduct on french television network

On Tuesday 7th of February at 3:40 pm, the broadcast "Visite Privées", presented by Stéphane Bern, will explore "Des ponts à couper le souffle" (breathtaking bridges).

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New makeover for Viaduct Exhibition !

From 1st of January to 31st of March 2017, the Viaduc Expo, located on the Millau Viaduct Rest Area is closed for renovation.

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The « Viaduc Espace Info » moves…

For 15 years, the Eiffage Company receives you in a free place where you could discover all the secrets of the Viaduct.

From the first of April 2017, you will be welcomed on the Rest Area of the Millau Viaduct, in a completely reorganized space.

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The Viaduct’s 12th Anniversary

The Viaduct was inaugurated on 14th December 2004, 12 years ago already. Almost 5 million vehicles have crossed the Viaduct this year (2016), thanks to a constantly changing tollgate.

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Drivers of two-wheeled vehicles : find gloves to put on !

From 20th of November, drivers and passengers of two-wheeled vehicles must wear approved gloves. This action is part of a huge project of the Road Safety to decrease the number of serious roads casualties.


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Sharp drop in the number of deaths on roads in octobre

According to provisional statistics of the National Observatory of Road Safety, 316 people lost their lives on roads in mainland France in octobre 2016, against 378 in 2015, a drecrease of 16.4 % and 62 lifes saved.

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Works on the rest area of the viaduct

DIR Massif Central makes works on the access to the rest area of the viaduct in Montpellier towards Clermont-Ferrand direction.


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The Millau Viaduct on RMC Découverte television network

The thematic channel RMC Découverte will broadcast on Thursday 13th of October at 8:50 pm a documentary of 52 mn entitled « Millau, le Viaduc de l’impossible ».

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Heritage Days

During the European Heritage Days, on 17th and 18th september 2016, the price of the visit is reduced!

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New record figure

The traffic on the Millau Viaduct reached the historic volume of 65 828 vehicles on the August 13th, with an hourly point in more than 5000 passages.

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Why not make the most of your holidays to visit the Millau Viaduct ?

Whether you are old or young, erudite or beginner in the construction works, our guides take you for a rewind of  the main stages of this exceptional construction !

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A member of Eiffage Group in the Games

Laëtitia Payet, estate agent for « Eiffage Immobilier », will be in her 2nd Olympics.

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This weekend, drive cleverly !

The busy flow of holidaymakers on the roads will begin from Friday 29th.


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Fluent traffic on the viaduct

New broadcast for " Aveyron, from Aubrac to Larzac "

The TV show " les 100 lieux qu’il faut voir " dedicated to Aveyron Department will be rerun on France 5 on Sunday 31st of July at 8.40 pm, and on the night from Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th of August at about 00.25 am.

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The Millau Viaduct

Motorways, a safe network

Safety on motorway is five times upper than on others roads. Since 2002 the number of fatal accidents was divided into two.

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Patrol van on the viaduct

A meeting worthly of the event

They were 2464 to get together in Aveyron Department this 1st weekend of July on the occasion of 10 years of the " Bikers of the Viaduct ".

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Bikers of the Viaduct to sunlight

The « Bikers of the Viaduct » are 10 years old

On the next 2nd and 3rd of July will take place the 10th meeting of the « Bikers of the Viaduct ».


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Bikers in the city

An exceptional visit inside the viaduct

From the 1st of April to the 30th of September, the Millau Viaduct opens the door of its highest pier.

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the pier by L. Orriols

Summer toll rate at the viaduct

From June 15th till September 15th, a light vehicle has to settle 9,80 € and a category 2 vehicle has to settle 14,60 € to borrow the Viaduct.

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Toll gate direction south

What's to be done in case of breakdown?

On the motorway, you are assured to be efficiently taken care in case of problem. If you break down on the viaduct, our patroller secures the place within 15mn.

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Repair and towing charges

This is the Party of the highway...

The race ‘Course Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau’ exists since 2007 and meets a striking success. This year, the event joins within the Party of the highway, a national program of animations suggested by the companies on about ten sections usually reserved for vehicles. The opportunity for the French people to appropriate the " black ribbon " which crosses the territory. Learn more.
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L'autoroute est à vous!

Increase toll charges: answers to your questions

Toll charges for the Millau Viaduct increased on 1 February. For Category 1 vehicles, add €0.40 from mid-June to mid-September and €0.30 the rest of the year. View the 2016 prices...
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Heritage Days 2015: Special tour of the Millau Viaduct!

There were thirty of them on the evening of Saturday 19 September: lucky winners selected at random from among the many hopefuls who signed up for a very special tour exploring the inside of the Millau Viaduct, in its spine!...
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discovered inside the Millau Viaduct

Lights, camera, action!

In September, Compagnie Eiffage du Viaduc de Millau staff welcomed various French and international media, to film reports and special features on the Viaduct.

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shooting Millau viaduct

The 50 millionth vehicle passed the toll gate on 27 August 2015

It was a young 18-year-old driver, Leah Berger from Chamalières, on her way to Marseille to study engineering. She was surprised to be greeted at the toll gate by Emmanuel Cachot, Director of the CEVM, and Christophe Saint-Pierre, Mayor of Millau, with the announcement that she was the 50 millionth motorist to take the Viaduct since its inauguration in 2004. This happy coincidence earned her various gifts, including a Laguiole knife whose blade was specially engraved with the Millau Viaduct on one side and 50 millionth crossing on the other.
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50000 000th pass over the viaduct